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Get Professional Help for Effective Tree Pruning in the GTA and Surrounding Areas

Regular shrub, and tree pruning services are essential for maintaining a lush green landscape on your property. Van Dyke's Tree Care has a team of experienced and certified arborists to take care of your plants. Our arborists will analyze the trees in your yard for their structure, wellness, health and aesthetics before recommending any service. Healthy and beautiful trees are helpful in making your property safe, attractive and valuable. When you hire us for the maintenance and care of your trees, you get skilled arborists who will assist you with tree trimming, pruning and removal of dead or diseased plants and trees.


Pruning for Overall Growth

Many people rely only on the warmer season to prune their plants. This is a misconception, trees can be pruned in any season, not only the summer season. Trimming or pruning trees in the colder season has its own benefits. Winter trees have no leaves, which allows us to assess the structure of the tree (limbs and branches); identify diseased or dead limbs/branches. The lower temperature also reduces the risk of the spread of fungal diseases.


A consultation with our arborist can help you decide the right time for pruning your trees. We analyze several different factors before making the decision to promote optimal growth and healing.

Benefits of Pruning

An experienced arborist understands the needs of the trees and can help you make the best decision for them. Trimming and pruning services help in many areas such as:

Making the trees more resilient to disease and infestation
Enhancing the growth and development
Maintaining the structural integrity
Extending the plant’s life
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Healthy Trees

Regular trimming and pruning are as essential as watering your plants.

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