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 Keep Your Plants Thriving with Tree Protection Services in the GTA and Surrounding Areas

Do you fear losing an important tree? There are some trees that are economically and historically important and need special preservation. The experienced arborists at Van Dyke's Tree Care can help you take proactive measures to save such trees from dying or getting diseased. When a tree grows old, it experiences stress and damage which could lead to its fall. We help you manage that stress so that your trees stay healthy. Our preservation techniques can help in preventing diseases such as small leaf syndrome and fungal invasion. We offer tree protection services in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Winter Protection

Temperature fluctuations are a cause of concern for plants in the winter season. We offer solutions that can help protect your plants against desiccation. We apply anti-desiccant to the plants to help prevent excess loss of moisture during the winter season when the ground is covered in snow, and the sun shines strongly on the leaves. 

Other treatments include:

Aeration and fertilization
Application of an anti-desiccant

Please read this pdf to learn more.

Moisture Management

Water management is essential for trees, shrubs and hedges. Our arborists can help you through the process. You can also read this pdf for more information.


Insect and Diseases Management

The arborists at Van Dyke's Tree Care understand the pests, diseases and environmental conditions specific to the Ontario region and can help you implement effective measures to protect your plants. 

If you suspect any infestation or disease on your tree, call us. Our arborists can provide you with effective insect and disease management solutions to enhance the growth and development of your plants. We have arborists who are also licenced exterminators that inspect the plant material and apply the necessary treatment to control the various insect, and fungal issues present each season.

A plant sprouting out of the ground

Get Info on Plant Protection

We have resources to help you learn more ways to improve the health of your plants and trees.

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