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 Aeration and Fertilization is the Secret for Happy Plants

Aeration and fertilization are the two main processes that help keep a tree healthy. A healthy tree requires the right amount of oxygen and fertilizers for optimal growth and development. At Van Dyke's Tree Care, the arborists understand the requirements of your plants and create treatment plans for adequate tree aeration and fertilization. We can help your residential and commercial landscape, in the GTA and surrounding areas, flourish with simple yet effective methods. 

In a natural habitat, trees usually get their nutrients from a naturally occurring nutrient recycling system, but this process is not found within our lawns and gardens. So now, it becomes essential to aerate and fertilize the plants in your lawn for healthy growth and development.


The Need

We water our plants, and take care of them regularly but often fail to check if the plants are adequately aerated and fertilized. Improper aeration and fertilization can affect the ability of your plants to thrive. Over time, the soil in your yard compacts and cannot deliver adequate nutrients and water to the plants. This deficit of nutrients soon becomes a hindrance to the development and growth of your trees.

At Van Dyke’s Tree Care, we employ deep root fertilization technology to keep your trees fertilized, and aerated. We insert a probe into the ground and slowly inject the fertilizers into the root system of the trees to help them get the required amount of nutrients. Regular examination of the trees in your garden by professional arborists will help in keeping your plants healthy and disease-free.

Signs of Unhealthy Plants

It is easy to assess your plants for fertilization and aeration needs. Look for signs like yellowing of leaves, wilting of foliage, and dead spots on leaves. These are clear signs of nutrient-deficient plants. It would be wise to call a professional if you notice any of these signs in your garden. 

Regular soil injected fertilization and aeration provide necessary nutrition for trees and replenish the soil. Aerating and fertilizing trees in large spaces could be a tedious task without professional tools. Our arborists will visit your property, take some soil samples and send them to be analyzed to determine further needs and necessities to promote plant health and growth.

Icon of a shovel digging up the ground

Nutrient Rich Soil

Our arborists can help you provide your plants with adequate nutrition and moisture.

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