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 Tree Removal Services for an Aesthetically Pleasing Yard in the GTA and Surrounding Areas

Having a dying or diseased tree on your lawn is not only aesthetically unpleasing but can also be a safety hazard. The skilled arborists at Van Dyke's Tree Care can help you identify the trees that should be removed from your residential property in the GTA and surrounding areas. Our tree removal and stump grinding services will make your property safe and welcoming. Our team will inspect the trees thoroughly to understand their condition and will first figure out solutions to save them. We prioritize your safety and well-being above anything else and remove trees that can pose a threat to the safety of your property or people.

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Identifying a Hazardous Tree

Our professional arborists focus on several different parameters to identify hazardous trees on your property. Some of these signs are:

Fruiting bodies on the trunk or root zone area
Sparse crown
Leaning trunk
Cracks or splits in the trunk
Proximity of the tree to the building

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in the trees in your yard, call us. We will have an arborist come to your property to assess the tree(s).

Our team is also skilled in stump removal, which involves grinding the remaining stump 10” – 12” below grade where possible. Stump grinding is an easy and effective way to remove any hazardous stumps from your yard.

The Need for Professionals

Tree removal might seem to be easy at first, but without professional tools and expertise, it can cause fatal injuries. Our arborists come equipped with the right tools and knowledge for tree removal and can help you with safe and efficient tree removal and stump grinding. Call us for tree assessment and removal today!

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Remove Decaying Trees

We send a team of skilled arborists to help you get rid of any diseased trees from your yard.

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